Maniwaya: A Tropical Island Destination

The Philippines, being an archipelago, has been known to its islands and islets of serene and exotic beauty. Having to experience the pristine and gorgeous beauty of these islands, made me so proud that I am from here. So before I even try to go out of the country, I made myself a promise that I would go around the Philippines first as much as I can. There is always a new destination being discovered within the country, and this is enough to trigger the wanderlust inside all of us. Let us discover one of them!

Marinduque is an island Province of the Philippines located in Mimaropa (RegionIV-B) region. Its capital is the municipality of Boac. Marinduque lies between Tayabas Bay to the north and Sibuyan Sea to the south. Main language spoken is Tagalog and secondary would be English, so communication would easy for foreign tourists. Marinduque has been known for its Moriones Festival, an annual festival held every Holy Week. (Source: Wikipedia)


Little do people know, Marinduque has more to offer other than the Moriones Festival, it is also known to have white sandy beaches, super clear seawater, a sand bar, and some amazingly beautiful rock formations.

So how to get to Maniwaya? You can choose from doing a commute and  making your own itinerary, or you can join in organized events same as what I did.

Via Dalahican Port

  • Ride a JAC or JAM Liner bus to Lucena/Dalahican Port. Board a ferry to Balancan Port, Marinduque. From Balancan Port, ride a jeepney to Sta. Cruz and alight in the town center then ride a tricycle to Buyabod Port. Talk to the boat riders and have them take you to Maniwaya or your resort destination.

Via Gen. Luna Port

  • Ride a JAC or JAM Liner bus to Lucena Grand Terminal. From there, ride a van to General Luna Port. Once you get to the port, ask a boat rider to take you to Maniwaya Island or your chosen resort.

Our organizers, on the other hand, took us straight to the Gen. Luna Port where we first ate our breakfast. Then we boarded the boat and went straight to the resort.

There are also several resorts to stay in within the island, they are: Wawie’s Beach Resort, Playa Amara, Marikit-na Beach House, and Residencia de Palo Maria. Our organizers had already arrange our stay at Wawie’s Beach Resort. Our arrangement was with their camp site, however, they also offer rooms where you can stay. They have a small restaurant and showers, and toilets. They also have grilling areas for your barbecues.

Our itinerary included a trip to the Ungab Rock Formation and the Palad Sand Bar. If you want do some water activities, the resorts also offers a wide variety of activities from snorkeling, banana boats, kayaking, jet skiing, and paddle boarding.

Ungab Rock Formation

The beach in the Ungab Rock Formation was not sandy at all. Better wear some aqua shoes as it is full of tiny shell debris and coral rocks. Do not forget to take some photos as the rock formations are simply amazing.

After taking some few shots, we then headed to the Palad Sand Bar. It was still high tide when we arrived, so we needed to wait until the sand bar shows up 🙂

Then we just spent the rest of the day at the resort and got drunk 🙂

For those of you interested in joining the CAB event, please visit their Facebook group, Campers and Backpackers (CAB).






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