About the author

I am a frustrated photographer, an aspiring writing, a beach lover, and a travel enthusiast. I grew up watching travel channels, travel programs being shown on TV, and even reading about them on magazines. I am a 90’s kid, so social media was not yet booming at that time. It was always been my dream to travel the world; and the Philippines, my own country, is the best place to start it. I would love to explore every known place in my country and share it to the world.

When we were kids, our parents used to bring us to Manila Zoo and Rizal Park. I remember feeling exhausted from running around the park but it was an enjoyable experience. LOL!

I was around 13 years old when I first flew on a plane and it was headed for Davao City. It was an awesome experience. We had to visit my Grandfather’s sister who was living there. It was a fun-filled moment as it was my first actual travel experience. Maybe it was that time that made me fell in love with travelling.

Let us all enjoy this journey together.

Hop on!!!